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Step 2 of the Roadmap to Reopen

The Provincial Government will move into Step 2 of the Roadmap to Reopen plan on June 30 [with the exception of the Region of Waterloo].   The OCA has consulted with Ministry and legal advisors to obtain clarification on how the updated regulations apply to cycling and specifically physical distancing requirements.  The regulations do not provide a clear direction on whether distancing is required and the interpretation of the regulations is at the discretion of the Public Health Units.   As a result, to ensure compliance with the published regulations, we advise clubs/teams to continue maintaining physical distance and other requirements as outlined in the Return to Sport Update below. However, clubs/teams are welcome to contact their local health authority or the health authority where they plan to ride to obtain written approval of reduced restrictions for their activity. Please note the interpretation of one health units may differ from another and clubs/teams must ensure they receive approval from all health units they are operating within.

We recognize that this ambiguity continues to be a frustrating process for our members.  Please understand that staff are engaging with all relevant entities to obtain answers. However, in the absence of clarity on what is permissible, we must apply a cautious approach to ensure member compliance with provincial regulations and safety.

Please review the Return to Sport Update for changes to permissible activities under Step 2.

Return to Sport Update V15 – June 29 2021

Progressive Return to Cycling Guidelines – V7-June 29

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